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Direction & Animation 


Iceage music video for Matador Records


Danish post-punkers Iceage music video for their track “Pain Killer,” featuring Sky Ferreira. In the highly stylized, sometimes-animated visual, a man is injured at a construction site and wakes up in a hospital bed. He then takes a bunch of pills and embarks on a wild psychedelic adventure, running along the sides of roads, jumping off bridges, and driving through the desert as an image of an unknown woman looms over him. By the end of the video, his brain is being nuked with animated bombs and torn apart by a disembodied mouth with sharp teeth. Sky Ferreira even shows up for a brief cameo.

Directed by : Mortis Studio
DP : Jo Kamimura
Additional Animation : Josh Freydkis
Lead Actors : Linda Abud & Sebastian Alvarez (Digigurl)

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