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Video Direction 



Music Video for Pink Siifu. Video was one of Pitchforks top 25 videos of 2018. [Read the feature here]

“This video is all about Black joy and love; several lingering messages pop up throughout the grainy clip, like, “Black woman is God,” “Blackness is the light,” and “Protect black bodies.” Pink Siifu’s face is blended into the busy background, with only his moving lips and squinty eyes visible, as the video cuts from scene to scene, like television stations being flipped. At one point, a confederate flag gets burned, then there’s a viral social media post of black kids celebrating in a school lunchroom. It ends with a cheerful video of local cops getting clowned by the neighborhood when unable to arrest a man—the dream.” –Alphonse Pierre

Artist:  Pink Siifu
Date of Broadcast/Publication:  2018
Business Sector:  Music
Type:  Animated Music Video
Director:  Mortis Studio
Animation:  Mortis Studio

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