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Music Video Direction


Standing On The Corner


WeTransfer and Standing On The Corner contacted us to create a animated music video for their upcoming LP release and a write up for WeTransfer Presents. The video is a terrifying day in the life of the group as the navigate the streets of New York. you can read the write up on the group here.

[Visit WeTransfer for the feature]

“WeTransfer is all about making creativity easier, for everyone. That's why we make beautifully obvious tools for every part of your creative process. We know that sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so WePresent, um, presents stories to get things going. We’re interested in the weird and wonderful ways that creative minds work, and how they shape the world around us. We want to celebrate and showcase the best art, photography, music and more from around the world, and delve into the messy, but magical creative process.

Diversity is at the center of what we do. We want to tell stories across different communities – whether that's age, race, geography, gender or sexuality. Put simply, more voices = better ideas.”

Campaign:  WePresent
Brand:  WeTransfer
Date of Broadcast/Publication:  2018
Business Sector:  Technology
Type:  Animated Music Video
Director:  Mortis Studio
Animation:  Mortis Studio

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